Chapter 4 Word List
amat (he/she0 loves
appropinquat (he/she) approaches
ascendit (he/she) climbs
audit (he/she) hears, listens to
conspicit (he/she) catches sight of
Descende, Sexte! Come down, Sextus!
dormit (he/she) sleeps
fragor (a/the) crash, noise
furtim stealthily
igitur therefore
infirmus weak, shaky
magnus big, great
magna voce in a loud voice
molestus troublesome, annoying
nihil nothing
ramus (a/the) branch
semper always
sollicita annxious, worried
te you (direct object)
terret (he/she/it) frightens
tu you (subject)
tum at that moment, then
vexat (he/she) annoys
videt (he/she) sees
vox (a/the) voice